In this unprecedented crisis, it is our responsibility to contribute to the collective effort in every way possible. Through these actions, EYB Cosmetics expresses our recognition, our support and our solidarity towards those who are demonstrating extraordinary courage and selflessness in their efforts to combat this pandemic. EYB Cosmetics has implemented a solidarity program to support all stakeholders who fight against COVID-19 (coronavirus).

The solidarity program includes Healthcare Facilities, Pharmacies and Research Laboratories who are at the front-line in striving to curb the spread of coronavirus. Additionally, Food Distribution Facilities, who guarantee the essential needs of consumers, and our most-exposed Suppliers who are suffering from the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. EYB Cosmetics collaborate with Non-Profit Organizations who are committed to combating the pandemic; they are in need of support now more than ever. Lastly, we pledge to our Employees and Consumers; without their commitment, we could not be responsive to the current needs to exceed expectations.

Solidarity with Healthcare Facilities, Pharmacies and Research Laboratories

EYB Cosmetics will help supply Healthcare Facilities, Pharmacies and Research Facilities with several thousand units of hand sanitizer, free-of-charge. These establishments are our first line of defense against COVID-19; they are committed to protecting us and curbing the epidemic every day.

Solidarity with Food Distribution Facilities

EYB Cosmetics will help supply several thousand units of hand sanitizer free-of-charge to Food Distribution Facilities so their employees, who are continuing to work to meet consumers’ basic needs, can protect themselves by following the recommended precautions.

Solidarity with Our Most-Exposed Suppliers

For our suppliers who have been most-exposed to the crisis, EYB Cosmetics has shortened its lead-time for payments with systematic immediate payments.

Solidarity with Non-Profit Organizations

EYB Cosmetics, which has historically committed to supporting women, is still supporting women today, particularly women disproportionately affected by this Covid-19 crisis, in terms of job and income loss. To directly help women in need, EYB Cosmetics is creating an endowment fund to support Non-Profit Organizations in their efforts to fight poverty, help women achieve social and professional integration, provide emergency assistance to refugee and disabled women, prevent violence against women, and support victims.

EYB Cosmetics believes this will help the most needy to follow the recommended precautions, combat COVID-19 and withstand the consequences of this pandemic. EYB Cosmetics will also supply hygiene kits (shower gel and shampoo) and hand sanitizer for social workers, volunteers and beneficiaries.

Solidarity with Our Employees and Consumers

In this period of crisis, which particularly affects the United States, EYB Cosmetics is keen to play its full role as a solidarity employer and corporate citizen. We have committed to paying our employees 100% of their fixed compensation. In the context of this health crisis, EYB Cosmetics ensures their safety and safety worldwide. While the situation is currently evolving in many States entering a phase of de-confinement, EYB Cosmetics has taken new measures focused on prevention, social distancing and the application of protective measures to manage and secure the return of its employees to various sites as safely as possible.

In order to ensure that all EYB Cosmetics employees are aware of these new measures before they return to their workplace, EYB Cosmetics has developed an in-house, dedicated e-learning program. The objective? To help all employees understand and adopt the new measures that will protect them and their colleagues on a daily basis. In order to enable as many people as possible to benefit from this e-learning, EYB Cosmetics has made a version of this module available for all employees.